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By Vilain Sidekick (few units left)


By Vilain Sidekick ist ein professionelles pre-styling Spray mit Hitzeschutz bis zu 150ºC, welches Halt und Textur bietet (5.24 fl. oz./155 ml)

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By Vilain Sidekick (5.24 fl. oz./155ml) verschafft Dir einen gesund aussehenden natürlichen Glanz, welcher dafür sorgt, dass Du Deinen gewünschten Look erstellen kannst. Sidekick überzeugt auch mit anfassbarem Halt. Zusätzlich zu den Vorzügen vor dem Föhnen, kannst Du dieses Wunder auch für den letzten Feinschliff Deiner Frisur verwenden, um länger anhaltenden Halt zu erzielen.

  • Hitzeschutz
  • Textur und Halt
  • Volumen Boost
  • Verbessert Deine Styling Möglichkeiten



Arbeite das Produkt in leicht feuchtes oder Handtuch getrocknetes Haar ein. Föhne dein Haar in Position. Wenn Dein Haar getrocknet ist, benutze dein Lieblings By Vilain Wachs und erstelle Deinen Haarstil. Sidekick kann auch zum Schluss genutzt werden, um Deinen Haarstil mit einem lang anhaltenden Halt zu stabilisieren. 

Geheimtipp: Für extra Definition kannst Du auch ein paar Spritzer in deinen Handflächen verteilen und diese in Dein geföhntes und gestyltes Haar einarbeiten.


Aqua, Alcohol Denat, AMP-Acrylates/Allyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Sorbitol, VP/VA Copolymer, PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether, C12-15 Pareth-12, Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate, Sodium Laneth-40 Maleate/Styrene Sulfonate Copolymer, Glycerin, Lauryl Methyl Gluceth-10 Hydroxypropyldimonium Chloride, Sodium PCA, Benzophenone-4, Mannitol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum, CI 75810.


96 empfehlungen

Review by: Lucas

Amazing product, but I prefer sidekick zero.

I bought ton of byvilain prodcuts to see which one I liked the best, so I’m gonna compare them and review them. Scent- smells nice in my opinion. 4.7/5 Application- easy, just pump. 4.9/5 Volume- gives ton of volume 5/5 Control- 4/5 (this is why I prefer side kick zero, it straightens out my hair more and controls it better.) Texture- better texture than side kick zero in my opinion. 4.8/5 Verdict- amazing, but I prefer sidekick zero. 4.75
Review by: Jack


Whoever heard of "prestyler" before? Seriously? I have extremely uncooperative hair that's very dry, wavy, and frizzy. This stuff seriously bends it into submission and makes it do what I want it to do. Along with the hairdryer it smooths it out and gives it structure, and lets me give it form until I put some wax into it. Maybe there are other more affordable or better prestylers out there, but I have yet to find one. It's pricey, and there certainly is a learning curve involved, but the price is a good value considering the effect.
Review by: Moisès Lloret

Gracias Slikhaar! :)

Gracias a vuestros productos puedo peinarme como siempre he querido, es la primera marca de productos que se adapta a mis necesidades. El precio que vale es merecido. Si pudiese poner 10 estrellas las ponía.
Review by: DJango


Review by: Noah

The best prestyler in the world!

Jeg har brugt sidekick i nu over et år og bruger det stadig. Det er så godt at du næsten ikke behøver voks, det kommer meget an på hvor mange sprøjt du kommer i håret. Men sindsyg fedt produkt, og bliver ved med at bruge det! :D
Review by: flottefyr

Sidekick vs Hairspray

This stuff works great. I have a question for slikhaar. What's the difference between Sidekick and regular hairspray? Thanks for your question, Sidekick Pre-styling spray is a spray you add after showering and before you add pomade or wax. You use a brush and a hairdryer to position your hair in the way you want. The Regular hairspray are then added to finish your hairstyle to lock in your hairstyle providing more hold etc. I hope it answered your question.
Review by: Ab


Initially I had doubts aboit the product .i first came to know about the product from the YouTube channel ALPHA M i trusted alpha i checked out the SLIKHAAR TV .i didn't even think this would be delivered to india .then i say one their videos where they done virat's hair style .And in the discription of that video was the link to this site so happy that I found it I've been amazed by the results. TIP -team it up with the gold digger.it worked for me it may work for you too
Review by: Max Sullivan

Wax Zero = Perfection!

I can't go out without this product mixed with the Sidekick Zero! I really love it! Thank you Slikhaar for this amazing product!
Review by: Ben

The best

Just perfect!!Awesome control and volume.
Review by: Mert.T

Bomben Produkt

Einer der besten Sprays überhaupt. Bin dankbar dass ich dieses Produkt habe. Leider ist die Menge sehr wenig, aber ansonsten lohnt es sich auf jedenfall für den Preis und Leistung.
Review by: Danilo


My hair is very complicated to stay the way a always want and all day. This stuff gives a very nice pre-fixing before I use the gold diger!!! My hair changed a lot. Love this stuff.
Review by: Victor

Very good

The sidekick is easy to spray into hair. It provides excellent hold, volume, and texture when paired with a blow dryer. You can literally use this without a post-styling wax or clay. That is how strong this pre styler is. I would definitely recommend it to people with longer hair who need something to help them manage their hair.
Review by: Tom Summerfield


I ordered this product with a free travel size and it really is the best pre-styling spray I have used. It gives you great hold and texture as well as heat protection and I use this with Golddigger which I feel make the perfect combo. It was dispatched on the 19th of January and arrived (UK) on the 24th - just 4 working days
Review by: Ioana

Kudos to By Vilain for this one

Before I bought this product I've heard mixed opinions : some people said it was awesome others said it isn't. But I decided to give it a try anyway. Keep in mind that I have a long undercut (my hair goes past my chin) so it's a bit more trickier to style than shorter hair. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when the product actually did what it said: decent heat protection and a light hold. If I had shorter hair I'm pretty sure I could've left it like that, without adding a finishing product (like wax or clay). Even so, I only needed a bit of clay to keep everything in place. So yeah, I would definitely recommend it !
Review by: Thomas Nygaard

Sidekick or only kick?

Normally I have to use two products for my too thick hair, if iI use a spray, but with sidekick it is enough with a spray. Can only recommend this product!
Review by: Eric

Awesome Stuff!!!

I have to say that of all the products I have used over the years Sidekick is the absolute best! I have very fine thin blonde hair and Sideklick gives me volume and boost and makes my hair look full! received many compliments on my hair and how thick it looks! Thanks guys!!!
Review by: Ender

Muy buen producto

lo he estado utilizando una cuantas semanas y es genial para moldear el peinado y para protegerlo del calor
Review by: Viacheslav


My hair looks amazing after just blowdrying it. Best product I've ever owned.
Review by: Tom

Sidekick is amazing

I bought sidekick and i really like it, first i was a bit worried about the shipping time but i received it in 3 days keep up the good work I would recommend this product to you guys
Review by: Josh

Best hair product I've used

I've finally found something that works on my hair! My hair stays up effortlessly, and feels healthy at the same time. I don't need to use wax to complete the look either. Slikhaar - don't ever change this product, you have created a masterpiece!
Review by: SJ Lee

Wow, Fantastic product!!

I received the product , the first time trying to use today . This spray , very nice !
Review by: Kenneth Habets

Top product / Great product

NL: Wat een top product. Eng: This is a great product. NL: Het is een echte aanraden. Eng: I really recommend this product #TOP#GREAT#love hair#Inspiratie#inspiration
Review by: David

Great hold great scent

I love this spray, I cant imagine going without it.
Review by: Haisham

I cant live without sidekick

I just ordered Sidekick for the second time. How good does something have to be to come back and order again, right? I use sidekick everyday, sometimes just sidekick, without any wax or gel. Love this.
Review by: Adam

Best product I have ever used

I love this pre-style spray. Unlike other sprays, it has a very nice scent, light hold and texture to it. I like to shake it gently before each use and start with recently shampoo and conditioned, towel dried hair. I spray about 4-5 sprays first, rub my hands all over my hair, then brush to the direction I part my hair in. I blow dry to one side briefly (with a brush) and blow dry back and to the opposite side. It creates a lot of volume that way, especially if you are doing a quif, pomp, undercut with volume. After that I use a little bit of golddigger to style it, then add 3-4 more sprays of sidekick. Then I use my brush and blow dry the back of my hair down a bit (so it doesn't stick up), to the direction I part my hair, the very front of my hair up and forward and then in the opposite direction again. Then I add a tiny bit more golddigger with my fingers to the front and back for a nice finish. Perfect high volume and textured hair. I realized I had to experiment with the sidekick a bit, sometimes if you add TOO much it can be too heavy, but if you add too little it can be too flat. You just have to know how your hair will take the product, if you need 3 sprays, 4, or 5. What works for me is a little to start with and a little to end with for volume or hold. You can check out photos on my Instagram at "theadamdisney," love the products and their youtube vids.
Review by: Sukhdeep Behal

Simply the best.

One of the best hair products that I ever used. Simply the best.
Review by: Youssef

Never using anything else!

I've used Sidekick for a bit now. Eversince I first tried it, I had to get some more. I love the hold it gives to your hair. Also the delivery is very fast, I got my first Sidekick in like 2 days (but luckily for me i live in Denmark) ;-)
Review by: Thomas

Best hairspray!!!

This is the stuff!!!! I have straight flat hair so when ever I style i'd have to use mousse+salt spray+heat protectant until i found this bad boy. 3 in 1. Oh ma gawd!!!. Sometime i just blowdry with Sidekick and put in some hairspray and i'm done!!! As a student I don't have much money for stuffs but when i had to decide on saving money for a proper smartphone or By vilain products, I'd say that I've always made the right choice. *Sent from my Iphone 3 (yeah... It still exist)
Review by: Danny

All Around Great Product

I've had this product for quite a while now and it has not failed me once. The great thing is that it has more than one function. You can use it as heat protectant, pre style, AND as a finish product. All of the functionality has worked great for me. Great control of the hair with a good hold. also smells great
Review by: Alvii

It is a really great product!

The first time I purchased this product, I wasn't to sure how it would work, but it worked great! It gave my hair good volume, and also added heat protection which was a great bonus.
Review by: Minh

Made my day

Ich denke dass sidekick ein tolles Produkt ist welches wichtig für gutes styling ist. Ich habe dies bei meinem Kumpel ausprobiert, weil dies für mich neu war und ich war sofort begeistert, denn die Haare ließen sich sehr einfach stylen. Durch den halt in der Flüssigkeit brauche ich sogar vllt kein wax mehr oder nur um nochmal zu verfeinern. Der Preis könnte in meinen Augen 15€ betragen aber das was das Produkt liefert ist mehr als nur 20€.
Review by: LorenzoR

One of the best products ever!

It's totally one of the best product I've ever used! Simple to use, and it makes your hair perfect to achieve any look! Straight, messy, curly.. Everything you want, you get it! I'll buy it again for sure! I would reccomand it to my friends.. Great product
Review by: StopTheGoats

Smells amazing and works wonders

It's so easy to use and you can feel your hair is different. I always use it on my hair before blow-drying it and even when I have nothing on it just to make it smell fantastic.
Review by: Andreas :3


It's really amazing how great this pre-styling spray works as multiple products! It's like a 3 in 1. You have the heat protector which is really handy for the ones who like to blowdry their hair like me. Also it gives a really nice texture to your hair when you're styling it. You can also use it as a hairspray and it works really well. Really an amazing product for everyone who wants to really step their game up when it comes to hairstyling. 10/10 from me! :D
Review by: Marc

the human torch would have to use this product

I have used the Sidekick of By Vilain and the truth is, it's incredible. It is the first time that I used and I see that it is the best product for styling the hair. When I didn't have the Sidekick I had that dried out hair and it took too much time to style, but now I get it right. In addition, it gives me extra volume and fixing. It's awesome, really, i don't know how I can style my hair all this time without the Sidekick. Sorry if i have mistakes, i'm from Spain, but I love this products.
Review by: Pinank

Best Product Ever!!

Lovely product!.I love to watch Slikhaar TV. I have tried many products of different brands. But when I used By Villain product I got addicted to it. Although I used it at my brother's house but from that day I became a huge fan. After I applied Sidekick and blow dried my hair in the desired style.The texture, the volume I got after using it was awesome!! I congratulate you guys for the success of your new product Silver Fox as well. Slikhaar TV has become a part of my life. Love you Guys
Review by: L

The Best 2-in-1 Product

Really love how this pre-styling product works as a texture spray as well as a heat protector. It has served my needs since I have stubborn black Asian straight hair, it has given me a better styling possibility after applying and blow drying my hair. Whats more it is quite wallet friendly since I do not need to purchase additional pre-styling products since it has serves 2 functions in one product. A Big thumbs up for this!
Review by: Ristov


By Vilain Sidekick Spray!! Its awesome, one of my favorite products to date! Great hold, texture, gives great volume and acts as a heat protector
Review by: Stole R.

Thanks for making my hair look great

One of the best products I have ever used, as well as all other By Vilain products.Thanks for making my hair look like that!
Review by: Sulaiman

It's great

This thing is amazing its great for my hair. Thanks to BY VILAIN for making this thing. This is the solution for my hair
Review by: Sulaiman

It's a great product for my hair

It's a great product for my hair. I just want to say its amazing!
Review by: ernest tan

It is a great product and I like that can protect my hair while blow-drying

Will recommend to all my friends. Best for protecting hair when blow-drying and can be used as hair spray. It's is a great 2in1 spray.
Review by: MuhammadAhmed

Best Frigging Product

Sidekick is the most amazing product in the By Vilain line for me. It's a revolutionary product in men's hair styling. In my mind pre styling sprays just ought to give you heat protection and nothing else but when u ordered this, my mind was blown. It gave a great texture and a decent hold on my hair that alone could be good for 3-4 hours. It's great as a finishing product as well if you want a shiny finish. If gold digger or silver fox are too sticky for your hair you can use this to make them less sticky. Better to use with silver fox as it gives a better shine. Ruins the Matt effect of gold digger. This is the best prestyler I've used and I'm gonna continue using it for a long period of time. Sometimes I just spray it in my damp hair and use silver fox without even blowdrying and there's still an amazing hold with high shine which I absolutely love
Review by: Mehmet Gencyigitoglu

Heat protection at its finest

If your hair is sensitive to heat and you can't use the hair dryer like you want, the sidekick is the best equipment to overcome this obstacle. On the other hand it's a dope pre-styling product too! It gives a lot of volume and a good texture to your hair. This product is really advisable!
Review by: lucstyles

Truly the best

There is only one word to describe this product and thats Amazing. It is so handy, it lasts forever and you can use it with any style you want. Also perfect for that spraying at the end - gives shine and great hold or if you're like me and like to have a loose hold and run my hands through it, then spray on hair when its wet and it holds nicely. Best product i have ever used :) By Vilain all the way!
Review by: Wheeler


By far the best pre-styling product I have ever used. Gives great hold on my hair and provides protection with blow drying and styling. 10/10 for this product could never go back to using any thing other than Sidekick.
Review by: Lex

One bottle to rule them all

I have thick, straight hair that is quite untameable, especially for any uphold style like uppercut and I've tried many pre-wax products before. Sidekick solved the problem like a charm. It helps me keep my hair on the exact direction that I want it to be and works really well as a post-styling tool.
Review by: Miguel Cunha

What you want from by villain? Only the best!

There's another awesome product from by villain. i have the shampoo, aconditioner, wax (gold digger) the brush and obviously the sidekick and by villain blow! thank you slikhaar tv for showing me this awesome trademark !
Review by: Burak

You should try this

Before I bought this product, I had read all the reviews written below this product (By Vilain Sidekick). Before I had read the reviews I was not sure of this product will help me to create a better haircut. But after i had read all the reviews I get courage and I said to myself: Just try it. Now I am very happy because I love this product. I am only disappointed because I hadn't buy this product earlier. The By Vilain Sidekick gives my hair really more volume and it also protect my hair when I use a hairdryer. Sometimes I don't use wax because it isn't required when I use the Sidekick. Shortly, you should try this product and I am sure you will not regret.
Review by: Eddcoria

Better Imposible

This amazing product allows you to be in total control of your hair while taking care of it at the same. Till now the best products I have ever tried ...
Review by: The Vince

Definitely you're best friend if you love your hair!

If you're a superhero and you need a Sidekick you definitly should buy this awesome product! The texture and hold are so good you won't find something comparable. I'm using it every day and if Emil and Rasmus don't invent something way better than this, i'll keep using it for the rest of my life. The best pre-styling spray ever! Dope work guys! Love it! Vince - from Germany
Review by: Jonathan


It's just awesome how well this product works.
Review by: iamgary

The best heat protecter

So glad I came across these guys on YouTube, their products are just the best and I sure will not use anything else but these! Sidekick gives me amazing volume and you only need a few squirts as a little goes a long way. Can't tell you how many of these I've had but I shall continue to re purchase this everytime! Gary - from UK.
Review by: Decklyn


Great product + great price. Would recommended to anyone for a pre-styler!
Review by: Ibai


It has a good smell and for me is the best product!
Review by: Raphael

Best hairspray on the market

This hairspray is really good. It's should cost way more. "Sidekick" gives your hair very good volume and hold. I love it.
Review by: aamir shaikh

one word : Awesome

I was watching some hairstyle tutorial on youtube. Then i saw your video about Mariano Di Vaio hairstyle in which you used By Villain Sidekick. I have wavy hair and it's the best product for me. I use BY VILLAIN SIDEKICK occasionally and i loved this product. Must buy! Customer from india.
Review by: Fezan


First of all i'd like to mention that i haven't seen anything on the market that is similar to this product so a huge shoutout to the people at Slikhaar for creating such an amazing product with great benefits. So with this product you generally use this damp hair before blow-drying although you can use it once again after to lock your hair in to place. Not only is this a pre-styling spray giving your hair volume it also can be used to style your hair into almost any style that will need little or no use from other products to be used afterwards. Oh and did i mention it is a heat-protecting spray so no worry about your hair being damaged. Essentially this is 2 PRODUCTS IN 1! Trust me once you buy this product you will not stop!
Review by: Razvan


Excellent Pre-styling Spray, It gives a lot of volume if used before blow-drying your hair, and also it gives you texture if used on dry hair. Leaves your hair light and with a natural look. I really recommend it for your hair routine!
Review by: Nklo

By Vilain Sidekick is literally my Sidekick

I've been without the Sidekick for 2 weeks now, and i've noticed how difficult it can be to keep my hairstyle without it. It's a great product with heat protection and train. Helps your hair styling being more versatile.
Review by: Drake

This should cost $50

It really gives you the modern look you see with models, plus its got heat protection!!
Review by: Harsh

Essential hairstyling product

The sidekick by vilain is one of the greatest product of the by vilain line of products. This product must be applied before you blow dry or before applying any heat to your hairs. Then after you blow dry your hair with applied sidekick it creates an amazing volume and texture in your hair. Your hair feels beautifull.It provides hold+volume+texture to your hair as a pre styler which is an awesome thing about this product and also you can use this product for finishing off your hairstyle. It is a great product!
Review by: iskandar adnan


I bought this together with the three waxes which is the gold digger, silver fox and dynamite clay. my hair doesn't really go well when I just put wax when it's damp and I have to blow-dry my hair each time. So this ByVilain Sidekick really ease my blow drying process! I can feel that my hair is easier to constructed with the sidekick spray, it has a pretty decent scent which I really like. Not to forget, the heat protectant in the product for the hair, gives my hair the healthy vibe so I don't have to worry. It also gives you the kick to your hair. The sidekick really sets the boundaries for all the styling spray that has existed and it is definitely a 5 star for me!
Review by: Adham_gamer

Amazing product

It is so amazing! And it's got heat protection.
Review by: Neil


This is as far the best prestyling spray I ever used. It's absolutely perfect and that's it. If you have not tried it out, you missed that joy of hair-styling.
Review by: alexandros alexis

One Of The Best Products Worldwide!!

Just incredible! Amazing texture, boost volume, hold and the best HEAT PROTECTION! Once you use this product you will never stop doing it, I guarentee!
Review by: alexandros alexis

Top Rank Product!!!

Midt hold that can be more than enough especially if you use Gold Digger, Silver Fox, Dynamite Clay. A lot of great texture and the best of it HEAT PROTECTION, it's a 3 in 1 product. I felt like i am addicted to this amazing product!! :D
Review by: the best product

By Vilain Sidekick

The product is amazing, having already thick hair.
Review by: Felipe Hernandez

It is a great product

I think this product is indispensable for hair and in my opinion helps a lot to have the style you want along with some wax by Vilain. The product sidekick is perfect. And you have the best hair care products worldwide.
Review by: Felipe Hernandez

It is a great product

I think this product is indispensable for hair and in my opinion helps a lot to have the style you want along with some wax by Vilain. The product sidekick is perfect. And you have the best hair care products worldwide.
Review by: Ellie Shitrit

I'm speechless, but for a good reason :)

Hey Emil and Rasmus! Yesterday I got my 'By Vilain' travel kit, and I rushed this morning to use it. I have no words to thank you! The first time I used the Sidekick, the first time I saw the change, and the shine in my hair! With its unique heat protection feature I can blow dry my hair with no fear that it will be damage. Sidekick is my fav product, and I loved that you came up with a smashing name to it as well (and all the other proudcts). You got a loyal fan here, and I wish you nothing but the best and lots of success in the future! Oh, and I will definitely purchase it again :)
Review by: Ellie Shitrit

I'm speechless, but for a good reason :)

Hey Emil and Rasmus! Yesterday I got my 'By Vilain' travel kit, and I rushed this morning to use it. I have no words to thank you! The first time I used the Sidekick, the first time I saw the change, and the shine in my hair! With its unique heat protection feature I can blow dry my hair with no fear that it will be damage. Sidekick is my fav product, and I loved that you came up with a killer name to it as well (and all the other proudcts). You got a loyal fan here, and I wish you nothing but the best and lots of success in the future! Oh, and I will definitely purchase it again :)
Review by: Joel

Controls the hair good

The best heat protection spary I ever had it gives volume to hair using this.
Review by: Florencio


Best product ever! Great for not damaging your hair. Protects for the heat. Really good volume. Great delivery its just every thing you want for your hair. I LOVE IT
Review by: Florencio covarrubias

Awesome Product

Really helped my hair with the health. Awesome ways to style my hair. Fast delivery. I just love this!
Review by: James C


Out of all the products in the By Vilain line, this is definitely my favourite! This product has everything that I'm looking for when I style my hair, I use it before blow drying and don't need to use anything else afterwards as it can give me the results I'm looking for on its own (which is great as it saves me money!). I love the fact that it has a heat protectant already built in as I use heat on my hair pretty much everyday, the volume that it gives me after blow drying surpasses any other kind of pre styling product I've ever used. I never fail to notice the amount if hold that it gives my hair too, and what is surprising is that my hair feels so lightweight like there's nothing in it and still has a great texture and feel to it.: which is especially great for the summer! It really has been my go too product and I would recommend using this on all hair types and lengths. Give it a try!
Review by: Abhinav


I find this product amazing as it is an awesome pre-styler. First of alI find this product amazing as it is an awesome pre-styl One of the important things about this products which differs it from others is that it is a heat protectant which is extremely important when you want to blow dry your hair without weakening it. Thus preventing hair damage. Great to use before clay for styling. Extremely satisfied.
Review by: Rio lizares

Its a heat protectant,boost hair,and is a pretty styler.

This product would be great for many of reasons one it's a heat protecant.This would boost the volume in my hair by a little and is a prestyler as said in your guys videos.I never use heat protectant I don't have a prestyler and I would love this product Emil and Rasmus.I watch your guys video everyday plz never stop making them.Thank you from Rio.
Review by: Farhan Ahmad

Protects hair from heat of Blow dryer plus adds VOLUME and control

I cannot Explain it in words. Blow dryer heat causes Much damage to hair. But before applying you can also avoid that damages plus you can have enormous advantages which are.. Full control Easy To apply Easy to use Heat protection Texture and hold Boosts volume Improves your styling options I strongly Recommend you to use this you will definately love it
Review by: Jeffrey

Awesome Pre-Styling Product

I find this product amazing as it is an awesome pre-styler. First of all, it is a heat protectant which is extremely important when you want to blow dry your hair. Thus preventing hair damage. Secondly, it gives your hair volume and texture after blow drying which makes it easier to style with a finishing product such as wax or clay. Lastly, because of the hold it provides, it allows you to use lesser wax or clay to achieve the hairstyle that you want.
Review by: JasinM

Even Batman needs SIDEKICK..

The best heat protection i've ever seen. It boosts VOLUME in thin hair which is impossible to do it with other products and sometimes you can use this , blowdry your hair and just hairspray you don't even need wax it holds so good .. I recommend it to everyone!
Review by: Arslan Zia

Only Product which gives PRE-BLOWDRY BENEFIITS, Volume and full Control

This was the best product that ever used in my life. I can't explain with my words how awesome and extreme good the product is. In addition to pre-blow-dry benefits, you can also finish off your hairstyle with this wonder for a longer lasting hold. Benefits which i got by using this amazing product: Heat protection Texture and hold Boosts volume Improves your styling options
Review by: Moeez azam

The Best Product Available

Real deal is, it protects your hair from the heat damage that can be caused by hair dryers or straighteners, it gives volume and most importantly, textures and great hold! After blowdrying, it sets the foundation to allow you to sculpt a masterpiece on your crown. With medium-length locks, an undercut hairstyle looks like one from a J-Crew magazine...or the plumage of a mystic bird.
Review by: Jeremy

Tamed the beast

Having already thick hair, I was hesitant to buy Sidekick because of it volumizing properties. However, I surprisingly found that it helped with my hair's manageability and locked my hair in the direction I wanted it to go (which for is always a struggle for me). Plus it has heat protection so I don't feel bad about abusing my blow dryer.
Review by: Gator

Best pre-styling spray on the market!

After spraying this product onto your hair, you will be amazed by its performance. It provides workable hold that allows your hair to move naturally, but also allows it to fall back into place even after a full day's events. It's as if it REMEMBERS where you styled it in the first place. The texture it produces is like no other. After blowdrying, it sets the foundation to allow you to sculpt a masterpiece on your crown. With medium-length locks, an undercut hairstyle looks like one from a J-Crew magazine...or the plumage of a mystic bird. Your friends will be impressed by your hair game as it WILL be on FLEEK. Just finish it off with a little By Vilain wax and you will be good to go. Not to mention this product smells so good, it could probably used as a cologne by itself. It has a masculine fragrance, but not overbearing by any means. Overall, a fabulous product that I will definitely keep in my hair routine for years to come.
Review by: Youssef

Awesome product!

Very Good styling product! Also very fast delivery! (Maybe because I live in Denmark myself) ;)
Review by: Ricardo G.

One of the best products in the world

It was one of the best hair products that I ever used. Simply the best.
Review by: Daryl Dominic

One of the best Pre-Styling product

Color is great like Mountain Dew. Real deal is, it protects your hair from the heat damage that can be caused by hair dryers or straighteners, it gives volume and most importantly, textures and great hold! After blow drying with Sidekick, your hair is already ready to be locked in (it depends on your hair type, works good with mine). It can be used as a post styling product as well, to lock the hair style in for the day. Great product! Highly recommended to be purchased!
Review by: Awesome product, one of the best in the world

Ricardo G.

This was the best product that ever used in my life. I can't explain with my words how awesome and extreme good the product is. Simply the best in the world. Thank you
Review by: Tabby

Great product

This product is amazing when applied to towel dried hair. It gives great texture & adds volume for the perfect foundation for your hairstyle for the day. Also gives moderate hold for the blow drying process which is good.
Review by: Sean

Review for Sidekick

This product is really good, it provides the hair with a layer of products that protect the hair from the heat when i'm using the hairdryer! This helps me have a soft hold before i apply my products into it and it just makes me feel fresh and ready for the day! I love the color of the product, really attractive and modern/stylish!
Review by: Marinos


Is an amazing product!!
Review by: No name

Best product ever

It has change everything I do it adds volume and Hold and makes it much easier to style!'
Review by: bob


A really fantastic Pre-styling Spray!
Review by: Alain Mussa

Easier styling!

Sidekick has changed my hair routine for the better. My hair is easier to work with, when I use this product. Will recommend it to anyone who wants to boost thin hair or get more control.
Review by: Marcel


This is simply a great product. And I was suppressed by the fast delivery!
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