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By Vilain Fiber Paste Kit

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This Awesome kit includes 1 x By Vilain Fiber Paste, 1 x By Vilain Sidekick Zero and 1 x By Vilain Tool (you choose)

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The perfect kit for a classic hairstyle

One of the most successful ways to build confidence in your self, the hair, and appearance. We put this kit together for you, to invest in yourself and to get the essentials for a great hairstyle.


By Vilain Sidekick Zero (5.24 fl. oz/155 ml) This is a 72% organic pre-styling spray with 0% perfume and heat protection up to 150°C. It is volume-enhancing, contains anti-frizz protection and provides hold, texture and a healthy-looking natural shine. Sidekick Zero is created to embrace the organic movement while raising the bar on performance. It keeps your hair hydrated, soft and easy to style at all times.

  • Pre-styling spray
  • Anti-frizz heat protection
  • Volume enhancer
  • Provides shape, hold & texture

Styling Paste

By Vilain Fiber Paste (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) adds a new dimension to your daily styling routine. Fiber Paste is a professional fiber paste that delivers a medium, pliable hold, and a natural matte finish. Most importantly, it’s easy to work with and comes with a fresh minty scent. The consistency is hard at first but will turn soft once heated between the palms. With 8+ hours high humidity curl retention, it offers excellent curl memory and superior style creation, and of course, leaves no flaking or dusting. 

  • ‪Medium hold and natural matte finish
  • ‪Easy to apply (pliable) 
  • ‪Easy to wash out (water-soluble)
  • Builds volume and texture
  • Fresh minty scent
  • ‪Locks moisture.

The Tools

☆ By Vilain Paddle Brush ☆ By Vilain Skeleton Brush ☆ By Vilain Comb ☆ By Vilain XL Comb ☆ By Vilain Giant Comb By Vilain 9 Row Brush ☆ By Vilain Cutting Comb ☆

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